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The Creative 1%

The Digital Age has arrived. The Mechanical Age is ending.

In the new era, Japan will need a special few...the 1%...who are the next generation Creative Thinkers and Innovators. To succeed, thought leaders of the future should be literate in the new language, culture and skills...of the Digital World.

Skylab a makerspace and STEAM learning place where children can learn important knowledge AND apply them in a hands-on manner.

Programming, making, design thinking and creative problem solving...English speaking instructors teach interdisciplinary class sessions that emphasize pro-active, Project-Based Learning (PBL) by each empower them with self-confidence. Physical objects enhanced with programmable electronics will be made with cutting-edge technological challenge the learner's intelligence, curiosity and creativity.

Let your children invent their own future!

Open Workshop

A fully equipped 'Digital Fabrication' workshop for young makers to build their own inventions. 3D printers, lasercutter, CNC milling machine, electronics station, laptops, and more.

A monthly membership fee allows free-access to the workshop during open hours.

STEAM Classes

Science, Technology Engeineering, Art and Math topics are an inter-disciplinary method that integrates new technology learning with traditional knowledge. Emphasis on application of knowledge to solidify understanding.

8 sessions per week, each 2 hours long.

Equipment Basics Classes

Required for unsupervised usage of the workshop's digital fabrication machines. Taught in English.

Classes offered on an appointment basis, each 1 hour long.

"Impossible" only in the dictionary of those lacking imagination.

Innovation is only possible by 'Critical Thinkers' who can think 'Outside-the-Box'and imagine new directions. To the innovator, nothing is impossible.

To think like an innovator...knowledge and skill must be combined with a strong imagination. Every child is naturally curious and imaginative. In an environment where intelligent experimentation can be done at their own pace, a child's natural imagination can be developed and enhanced into their own powerful tool of incredible creativity.

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Our Philosophy

Skylabworkshop believes in providing curious, intelligent, and creative children with the space and tools to explore their own ideas...and take control of their own learning. A wide range of unique and interesting STEAM classes will be offered to which any interested child can sign-up for and participate they wish.

There is no single formula that can develop an Innovator. A unique path for each child must be decided upon by the young innovators themselves. By taking control of their own learning, the young and future innovators can slowly and naturally develop the self-confidence necessary to be leaders in their adult years.